About Us


For the Youth Tennis
FTYT is a junior tennis program that develops players at an affordable rate.  We believe that tennis can build characteristics that other activities can not (i.e. self-reliance).  If the tennis discipline is taught at an early age it can be beneficial on and off the court.
FTYT matches every paying student with a scholarship student, similar to the Tom shoes model.

"building players into productive leaders"


Rain Policy

In the event that the courts are unplayable due to weather, the 10u Quickstart group will not be held. 10u Quickstart and Challenger students may make up the day by coming on a day that they do not normally attend S. All other groups are expected to attend drills rain or shine. Strength and conditioning or skull sessions (skull sessions are lecture/discussions that reinforce strategy, tactics and technique learned on court) will be held if the courts are unplayable.

Billing Policy

FTYT drill sessions are one-month sessions. All FTYT families should submit a current e-mail address to Blake Murry. You will receive a bill for each one-month session, via e-mail, by the third friday of each month, and payment is due by the last Friday of the previous month. If you do not bring payment in by the 1st Friday of the month, there will be a late fee of $10. If you will be leaving the academy, please advise Blake Murry at least 30 days in advance to avoid being billed

Excused Absence from Drills

If any FTYT student is unable to attend drills due to injury or extended illness, please contact us to be placed on inactive status. Make-ups or credit towards future sessions will only be allowed in the case of injuries or extended illness.

Scholarship Eligibility

Eligibility is based upon the parents income.  Please contact Coach Blake to be approved.

Our Philosophy

We believe that tennis builds characteristics that can not be establish in other sports (i.e. self-reliance)

We believe that player development should be affordable

We believe that skills learn at FTYT can be use on and off the court

We believe that tennis should be fluid and injury preventive

We believe in quality instruction



FTYT started the program on January 4th 2010 with 4 juniors.  FTYT has had great success in its inaugural season.


FTYT Code 


We expect the FTYT Juniors to act in a respectful manner at all times. While emotion channeled in a positive direction can benefit a player, negative emotions and poor sportsmanship are counter-productive and unacceptable. The FTYT staff may, with or without warning, remove or default a player who displays poor sportsmanship in lessons, drills, or tournament play. Examples of poor sportsmanship are cheating, racket abuse, verbal obscenities, disrespectful behavior, or tanking 


1. Keep things in perspective. ALL players have good days and bad days.

2. Encourage independence, focus and confidence. Tennis players must learn to think for themselves.

3. Keep your cool. If you are unhappy with any aspect of your child's play, try to follow the following guidelines.

4. Work with your player's coaches. We are here to help your player grow and develop.

5. Be involved. You and your player benefit when you are in the loop of their development.